Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Fashion Forward: Developing Your Own Unique Style

Fashion is about style and creativity, but some of us have fallen victim to every trend and in the process have lost our sense of individuality. It's a little like high school, you want to be cool so you wear what everybody else is wearing. However, fashion is about personality and expressing yourself through the way you dress. Bottom line is, do you want to be a leader or a follower? Here are a few tips on developing your own unique style:

Follow your "gut" instinct. When it comes to fashion, buy what you love and not what everybody else says you should be wearing. Granted, there are some things you may love but because of your body shape you should not be wearing.

Follow the trends, but don't be a slave to them. Mix trendy pieces with classic pieces or mix old trends with new trends. This also saves you money because you don't have to go buy a whole new wardrobe every season.

Don't spend your money all in one place. Sometimes it's ok to wear a whole outfit by one designer, but it's more fun to mix it up.


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