Thursday, November 3, 2005

Bring Beauty Into Your Life With Aromatherapy

Ahhh…Enter the relaxation realm with aromatherapy. For centuries people have relied on the healing and therapeutic powers of plants. Aromatherapy can help enhance your physical health and make you feel better psychologically. It has become very popular and widely used by modern physicians, psychotherapists, and massage therapists worldwide.

Bringing aromatherapy into your life can promote peace and happiness. There are many methods of using it:

Aromatherapy Baths - Add seven to ten drops of essential oils to a tub of water. Submerge yourself and surrender your body and mind to the relaxing ambiance. For even more relaxation, light a candle and put on soothing music. Soak for 20-30 minutes.

Skin Care - Many essential oils help stimulate cell renewal, improve circulation, and calm emotions. There are many commercially made products or you can make your own by adding essential oils to unscented commercial products. Aromatherapy facial oils can also be made by adding five to ten drops of essential oils to one ounce of jojoba, canola, or sunflower oil.

Fragrance Your Environment - Fill your environment with the soothing smells of oils using diffusers or lamps. Diffusers are air pumps and lamps have small bowls that hold water and oils. Usually there is a candle beneath the bowl that generates heat and releases the fragrance.
Perfumes - To relax all day every day, add a few drops to pulse points, temples, and the back of your neck. Generally just add 10-20 drops of oil to 18 ounces of jojoba oil.

Massage - Using essential oils in massage is one of the best ways to subdue stress, relax your muscles, and slow your breathing. Massage oils can be made by adding ten drops of essential oil to one once of jojoba, canola, or sunflower oil. Blend well. Apply to the body and knead the muscles in a circular motion.

Here is a list of some widely used essential oils. These are only a few of the many that are out there:
Ylang Ylang
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