Thursday, November 10, 2005

Celebrate the Beauty Within

Celebrate the beauty that is within you. The beauty that is inside of you radiates on the outside of you. When you love yourself and feel confident about the person that you are, it shows. When I say “love yourself”, I am not prescribing narcissistic behavior. I am only suggesting that you honor and respect yourself as the beautiful person that you are. I think that if we loved ourselves, there would be less unhappy people in the world.

Insecure people are not accepting of themselves. When you feel insecure about yourself, those feelings breed feelings of unhappiness and contempt. It’s a terrible feeling to always be worried about what others are thinking about you. When you celebrate your beauty and uniqueness, there’s no time to think about other’s opinions of you. You’re too busy wondering how you can help others. You goal is to touch the lives of people and help them discover their own beauty.

Since when did we become obsessed with other people’s thoughts about us? Is it because we want to be liked by all and aim to please everyone? Love and respect yourself first and you will attract people who will love and respect you as well. Forget about everyone else.

When we are kind and caring, we are celebrating our beauty. When we share our wisdom and experiences, we are celebrating our beauty. Celebrating your beauty is spreading joy and peace and peace to others. When you celebrate your beauty, you are more loving towards others and want beauty in their lives as well. The love will be reciprocated ten-fold!
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