Friday, December 16, 2005

Celebrity Hair Styles: Tricks Of The Trade

by John Williams

When you think of your favorite hairstyle, does a certain celebrity come to mind? If you said “yes”, you’re one of millions of women and even men that find celebrity hair-styles the way to go. After all, they are the trendsetters. So, what’s their tips and secrets or is their locks just airbrushed perfect in those magazines? After much research, we’ve narrowed the list to 10 of the best tips and secrets available, both from celebrities and their stylists:

· Celebrity hair styles Tip #1- For that over the top curl look, use a curling iron on parts of the hair and a waving iron on other parts. For the best straight look simply use a flattening iron, but apply a conditioning mist to the dry hair prior to using any heat; this eliminates frizz and static.

· Celebrity hair styles Tip #2- To create highlights for curly hair; try putting in the color vertically; this helps define the curls. For straighter hair, paint the highlights on in a starburst fashion, across the entire surface of the hair. Keep highlights within two shades of your natural color.

· Celebrity hair styles Tip #3- Use products specifically made for color treated hair when you have any type of highlights, lowlights or coloring on your hair. Always use a leave-in conditioner in the hair and use those that contain sunscreen.

· Celebrity hair styles Tip #4- For frizz free curls and to combat those split ends, try sleeping on a satin pillow.

· Celebrity hair styles Tip #5- If you suffer from dandruff, try using two ground-up aspirins in your shampoo once every week. Most dandruff shampoos can strip away color from color-treated hair; this great tip doesn’t do that at all.

· Celebrity hair styles Tip #6- Avoid brushing your hair, instead use a wide-tooth-comb or your fingers.

· Celebrity hair styles Tip #7- Use one tablespoon of baking soda mixed with two tablespoons of shampoo to clarify your hair; but only once a week. Otherwise, you may strip the hair completely of natural oils.

· Celebrity hair styles Tip #8- Avoid blow dryers if possible, towel dry your hair until all the moisture is out. Then allow it to air dry the rest of the way.

· Celebrity hair styles Tip #9- Apply a leave-in conditioner prior to going to sleep; then wash out in the morning.

· Celebrity hair styles Tip #10- After washing, apply conditioner, then rinse well with warm water; then apply a cold water rinse from roots to ends. This will add shine to your hair.

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