Friday, December 9, 2005

Checking Out the Latest

I decided to do my weekly "window shopping" to check out the latest and the greatest. HELLO! I did not get the memo that cowboy boots are the rage. I walk into Cathy Jean and cowboy boots occuppied one corner of the store. I kept my composure , but felt the urge to make an ugly face. No offense to cowboys/cowgirls, but all I can say is that those boots are not meant for me.

Of course, black is back again. The color engulfs me when I walk into Express. I felt like I had just entered a goth convention :) Reminds me of my mod days back in high school.

I fought the temptation to walk into the Coach store.... (Big pat on the back)

Last stop was Nordstrom where in Brass Plum (known as "BP"), all that glitter's is gold. From gold purses, belts, to necklaces and earrings. Nordstrom is where I go to get ideas for my own jewelry designs. Why buy department store when I can make my own for a fraction of the cost?

With any visit to the Nordstrom's perfume or makeup counters, you're guaranteed to walk out with some free samples. I don't normally wear perfume, but I stood patiently and listened to the Angel perfume lady tell me the price of every product that they sell. To my delight, I walked away with a sample of Angel perfume. My boyfriend told me it smells like an old person's house (no offense to older people)...
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  1. I think i learned a lot from you about shopping, thank you... i am forever greatful.