Tuesday, January 3, 2006


by Sebastian Clinton

Words fail where jewelries are concerned. Beautiful, lively and glittering stones when binds together in a row leaves an unimaginable impression. It is not only an accessory but a reflection to the personality of a person. It depicts the preferences, nature and style of an individual. Make sure you wear jewels and metals which suits your personality.

Derived from a French word called “jouel” in 13th century, the word “jewelry” resembles a Latin called “jocale” means plaything. Evidences of early civilization show the fashion of wearing jewelry. Earlier mainly beads, shells and beetles were used, because of unavailability of other metals. But with the discoveries of other metals, preferences were highly influenced. As a status symbol, gold was preferred during that era when they were worn by Kings and Queens. This heavy and lustrous metal also possesses a value that can be kept forever without loosing its original worth. This property makes it a proud and loved possession of all times. Different ornaments like bracelets, armlets, necklace, rings, crowns and others were made mainly in gold at that time.

On the contrary, silver has been a popular metal since the ancient period. It is exquisite and classic. Its inexpensiveness and tendency to take any shape has made this metal popular among middle class of the society. Diamonds era followed after that, the glitteriest and most beautiful in look which can be easily worn with any other metals easily. It has a priceless and endless beauty, that’s why it has a never ending demand. Nowadays, platinum, a new metal on the block, is also getting popularity because of its shining and lightness in weight. This trendy metal can be easily mixed with gold and diamonds to give a breathtaking experience of beauty refinement. But, it is scare as it has no resell value, which makes its popularity linger around.

It is not that only women wear jewels but it is also gaining popularity among males as they like to wear jewels like rings, chains and pendants. In west, it is fashion to wear crucifix in a chain. So, it is always desirable and valuable. Jewels are also kept as a property. Many people store their money in the form of various ornaments. That’s why, it is not only fashion or taste to wear jewels but as a convenient means of investment also.

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