Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Jada, Serena, and Venus Give Advice

It's true that most people judge other people by the clothes they wear or how they look, but if you exude good energy and positive vibes it won't really matter what you look like. They are forced to love you because of your loving spirit.

It all starts with loving yourself first. Oprah had a great show yesterday when she brought Serena and Venus Williams as well as Jada Pinkett-Smith to talk about dating, sex, self-esteem and confidence.

"Growing up we had a lot of insecurities," Serena says. "Even now we still have so many insecurities. It's not like we're perfect. … That's why we wanted to get together and write a book for teenagers who deal with the same issues. [We wanted] to let them know that celebrities and stars, not only just us, but everyone has these issues as well."

We've all had to deal with our own insecurities, myself included. I've been through abusive relationships and negative self-talk, but have come out a survivor! It's overcoming those hurdles that make you a stronger woman...

Venus & Serena's Book: Serving From The Hip, 10 Rules For Living, Loving, and Winning
Jada Pinkett-Smith's Book: Girls Hold Up This World
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