Thursday, March 23, 2006

What Does Beauty Mean To You?

Jenna made a comment on The Runway Scoop, which brought me to her website, Passion 4 Fashion. Jenna, being the prolific poet that she is, shared her thoughts on beauty and I wanted to share them with you too:

BEAUTY. What is the definition? How is beauty truly measured? What gives way to a parting of signified balloons?
BEAUTY IS FREEDOM. With death of slavery and broken chains, beauty is invited, giving new life to creativity
BEAUTY IS PEACE. When the time fists are used only to open and greet with a handshake. When happiness is portrayed in every face.
BEAUTY IS LOVE. Whether romantic or paternal. A simple locking of eyes instills strength, faith and utter uncontrollable happiness.
BEAUTY IS INDIVIDUALITY. When one is confident in who they are and can begin their own path and set their own priorities.
BEAUTY IS LIFE. Life is the most fabulous definition of beauty. From a newborn baby, a spiritual rebirth, to a simple spring flower in bloom. Life is a chance to live and an opportunity to reveal colors and challenge the world ahead.
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