Friday, April 28, 2006

Basic Beauty

I've gone back to basic beauty - I think it happens as you get older. I've been very brave to walk out of the house with no makeup.

No makeup!?

Yes, not even mascara!



Call me a makeup rebel, if you will. Or maybe its laziness. My office is only five steps away from the bedroom - who's to impress? Well, there is my boyfriend - he counts as somebody to impress, eh?

I do think it's important to not "let ourselves go" when we think that there's nobody to impress. You just never know who you might meet in the store. Perhaps a modeling scout or your next business partner. Nonetheless, when you look good, you feel good...your confidence is high, and you're more productive. At least, it works for me.

Ok, maybe I will do some makeup is offering free shipping! But I will still stick to the basics...just lipgloss, mascara, blush, and eyeshadow for me :)
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  1. You know, even when I only put only mascara and lipgloss I feel that I look so much better than if i'm wearing nothing. WHY IS THAT!!??
    I'm sure I look completely the same. I mean it's not like i'm wearing a full face of makeup, which of course, to others, would make my skin look smoother, eyes more pronounced, etc. Mascara and lipgloss doesn't change much, but I still feel the same effect as if I had a full face of makeup - more confidence. Crazy what the mind does.

  2. Certainly, everything is all in the mind! It is funny how a couple details can make all the difference :)