Friday, April 7, 2006

Nothing Like Some Good Exercise

This year I've vowed to get into a good exercise routine and so far have been good on my word (big pat on the back!) I've never been one to go on "diets" - there's just no way I could deprive myself of all those goodies, like chocolate and I've opted to exercise consistently to increase my metabolism and keep the weight off.

However, exercise is not just a way to lose weight, it helps you release tension and relax. I've found that when I'm on the computer, my shoulders tense up quite a bit. So, I take a break and hop on the cycling machine for about fifteen minutes. Better than a massage...

Speaking of exercise, Kirstie Alley was on Oprah today. Wow! She looks great! She dances as a form of exercise, which has helped her in her weight loss program. Another lady on the show said she used sex to lose weight. Ummm...I guess I could try it!
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  1. Oh wow!
    I SAW that show Kirstie Allie is TERRIFIC!! I had to go somewhere halfway thru so I had to tape the rest. Yeah, that whole have sex to loose weight thing sounds great but i mean, who has all that time?! Did you see wednesday's Oprah? It was her 20th anniversary special.

  2. I didn't get to see the anniversary special, but I did watch Friday's episode about the Debt Diet Challenge.

    And yes, about the "sex-ercise", I say it could be done in less than 30 minutes a day! I spend about that much time in the gym anyhow :)