Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Woman Issue

The other day Hubby and I were having lunch at a food court and I got up to get a box for my leftovers. When I returned to the table, Hubby told me that a woman was checking me out and looking at me from the shoes I was wearing all the way up to my face.

"It must be a girl thing, because I notice alot of girls do that - check out other women," Hubby said.

Hummm...why do we do this, I wonder? I'm sure I'm guilty of doing this in the past. I know it annoys me when other women do this - not sure why. BQ from Singapore says this in relation to this issue:

"I know that women are very critical of one another. Some men may refer to this act as “bitching”. I am not sure the reason for us to act as such. Is it because we always treat our own kind as our competitors? Or is it because we have such high expectations of other women that we get disappointed in them too easily?"
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  1. Funny you should bring up this topic. My husband is always telling me when a particular woman is checking me out and doesn't understand why. "you guys are always comparing with each other" he'd say. Personally I think it is a deep seated psychological issue that many women have. Me included. We want to be the best or the most beautiful. This is not obvious, I think this goes deep down within us. Daily the media bombards us with the idealized beauty. We hang on to and compare ourselves to that regardless of trying not to. We are in constant competition with each other. We want to be the "one" a group of men find the "hottest". Like I said this is deep within us. No one goes around purposely thinking that she wants to be better looking than that chick walking across the food court. But yes, I definitely do think that women compare themselves to other women. And i'm not saying it is all women, but I think a majority of women are like this. Women care alot about image (how we appear to others) and I think men are more performance driven (how much better am I at a particular thing than that other guy).

  2. I think when I "check out" women, it's in the way I would look at Vogue magazine - to see what other women are wearing. If it's something cute, I compliment them if they're within earshot.

    I wonder where we learned this notion of comparing ourselves to other women... When does this start? Grade school? High school?