Friday, May 5, 2006

Alek Wek: A Beauty Beyond

Alek Wek is not just a model strutting the catwalk every chance she gets. She's also a model that wants to raise awareness about what's going on in Sudan. Alek was born in Sudan, but at the age of 14, left Africa to live in London. It was there in London that she was discovered by an agent.

Alek isn't your "run-of-the-mill" model. She's not light-skinned with long hair, but she definitely has a unique look.

"Alek is the antithesis of what the media have defined as beauty," says Candace Matthews, president of ethnic hair care company Softsheen-Carson. "She has really opened up the way for anyone to come after."

*Source: San Diego Union Tribune/ Photo Credit: Jim Cooper A.P.
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  1. I remember reading, I think it was in Essence magazine, that she has a line of accessories out (bags, belts).
    I'm going to look that up and let you know.

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  3. Thanks for sharing!!