Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Does Cutting Down On Coffee Improve Your Complexion?

I haven't completely cut out the coffee in my life yet... I'm down to drinking it about three times a week - just one cup per day. However, I was talking to a friend about it and she told me that when she stopped drinking coffee her complexion started to get better. Is this true? I've heard opposing views about coffee. Some say it's good...some say it's bad. Who knows?

I only had four and half hours of sleep last night, so I was tempted to drink a second cup today. However, after much debate, I opted for one of those Yoplait "Nouriches". Very good, by the way! And it gave me the boost to get me through the rest of the day....highly recommended for the beauty on the go!
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  1. I keep hearing different reviews about coffee's benefit for the body or lack thereof. Depends on what you read. Haven't heard about it affecting the complexion though. Something to look up this weekend when I have free time.