Sunday, June 25, 2006

Meryl Streep Provides the Best Quote Today

As I browse the fashion news tonight I come across this little blurb that quotes Meryl Streep (regarding her daughters):
"They all think there is something dreadfully wrong with how they look. Maybe that's a function of the human condition but I think it is reinforced by fashion magazines. I know how inadequate they made me feel, so I've always tried to tell them that it's what they do, not how they look that counts. That's hard in a culture which only values you for how you look."
So true - and that's the best quote I've read all day ;) It was hard for me, but I had to stop watching certain shows and channels because I began to feel as if I had to look like those people on TV - which I know is not at all true - but I don't like how the media forces you to scrutinize yourself and leads you believe that you will be only accepted if you wear this brand or are this skinny. On a conscious level we know we shouldn't buy into their tactics, but it still hits your subconscious. Perhaps it's just Western Culture, but in my travels I've come to believe that this is something that happens everywhere.
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