Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Hunt For Summer White Walking Shoes

With summer in full swing, I haven't been much in the mood to go out and shop at the mall. For one, most malls in San Diego are outdoor malls, so when walking around outside you encounter the very warm weather. Some of the stores blast their AC, so you're constantly back and forth between hot and cold. It just doesn't make for a fun experience - for me, anyways.

So, I've embraced this shopping on the web thing and have been browsing places online for summer wardrobe essentials. If you're planning on visiting those fun theme parks this summer, you know you're in for some serious walking. I checked out Zappos for some white athletic shoes - so I don't have to worry about matching with my outfits...

I like the stylish look of these white Puma's. What I like about Puma's is that they are lightweight (a big plus in my book).

PUMA - Lena Wn's (Whisper White/Winter   White) - Women's

For a great all around shoe from my favorite brand, you could go for the original white Adidas. It's supposed to be the "best-selling" shoe of all time....

adidas Originals - Stan Smith II W (White/White/Cyber Lime) - Women's

Then there are these Phat Farm sneaks...a classic style...

Phat Farm - PC Master White W (White/Black) - Women's

I'm usually not one for wide, bulky shoes, but I've been admiring these white Etnies for quite some time now.

etnies - Callicut W (White/White) - Women's

Ahhh...decisions...decisions...If there's a shoe you'd like to recommend, let me know!

You can shop for these shoes and more at
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