Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Madrid Fashion Week Producers Ban Skinny Models

I apologize, dear readers, for neglecting you here at Beauty is Within. I've been so busy covering Fashion Week in New York at The Runway Scoop plus doing my other blogging!

I'm back to report the biggest news floating around the blogosphere...Madrid Fashion Week is underway and the producers have banned skinny models from the event! Finally, something is being done about the waifs ;) Perhaps it was a publicity stunt to bring more buzz about the Fashion Week - because I, for one, did not know that Madrid had a fashion week to begin with. Regardless, I'm glad that someone is doing something!

I read a comment at A Socialite's Life where someone said that models are "supposed to be skinny". Says who?

Look at this picture...does this look remotely attractive? Would you want to buy clothes based on how this model looks?
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