Friday, September 1, 2006

One of My Favorite Ad Campaigns This Fall...

One of my favorite ad campaigns in the September issue of Vogue is the Juicy Couture campaign. It’s vibrant! It’s colorful! It’s funny! I’m thrilled to find out that they’ve come out with a “fruity” perfume and can’t wait to smell it. I’ve never been a perfume person - only because there aren’t too many fruity-smelling perfumes out there.

As for Juicy Couture clothing, I haven’t seen any new designs yet. I’ve never been too wild about the terry-cloth jumpsuits that they came out with, but being a jewelry designer, I’ve pretty fond of the charm jewelry that they have.

I recently found out that the founders of Juicy Couture started out with only $200 and a line of credit to start their business. That gives me inspiration! Maybe one day you’ll see my company with a five page spread in Vogue, eh?

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