Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Maria Got a Haircut and Hair Tips!

Today, my dear friends, I got my first hair cut in almost two years! For the past two years I have just let my hair grow straight while my boyfriend gave me a few trims every few months. Call me low-maintenance, if you will. Not that I don’t enjoy doing my hair. I do change up the style quite often. Some days you’ll catch me in two braids with a scarf tied around my head. Other days I’ll pull it up into a ponytail and do three little braids coming from the ponytail. Then when I feel I have the time to do it, I’ll straighten my hair using a flat iron.

For those of you looking for advice on hair care, I discovered this great blog that offers many hair styling tips. This one particular post I came across offers a way to take care of your hair when using a flat iron.

The person who cut my hair suggested I try Enjoy conditioning spray to use before I flat iron my hair. I’m going to try it out - stay tuned for a review!
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