Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Blog Honor Pledge...

As I learn more about the “blogosphere”, I’ve come to know about different money-making programs and advertising via blogs. What I’ve learned is that as a blogger (or any honest human being for that matter), one should disclose if he/she has been paid by advertisers. Although with blogging, there seems to be a “grey area” where this is concerned and I won’t go into it here. If you’d like more information, visit this post at The Blog Herald.

I would like to just come out and say here that in the past I have failed to let you, my readers, know about “sponsored posts” that I have done - meaning someone paid me to link to their website. I’m just learning that this is not good blogging etiquette and I apologize for this.

With that said, from now on I will have a little disclaimer at the end of my posts...It will say: “**This is a sponsored post” If it’s a company that I truly like, I’ll definitely let you know. Otherwise, the posts will be fairly neutral.

I know, you’re probably wondering why I’m doing this....Well, to be quite honest, a girl needs to make some money to support this site! So please bear with me on this and I promise this won’t turn into just a blog just filled with ads! I’ll try to make it fun and funny whenever possible ;)

I give you my blog honor pledge!
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  1. "to be quite honest, a girl needs to make some money to support this site"

    excuse me? Blogger is free, talk about dishonest, this isn't a blog but an advert.

  2. Hi Mark,

    Yes, I do know that blogger is free...However, you must consider the time I spend reading, doing research, plus typing up my posts. I am a freelance writer, so my time is quite valuable - isn't yours?

  3. Actually, managing to keep a blog from which a link is worth any monetary value whatsoever is quite an achievement, so well done. I think openess is a great long term strategy, commercially as well as spiritually.

    Go for it I say , but I'm kinda biased :-)