Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sizing Issues

Julie of Almost Girl has a post over at the Pierce Mattie PR blog and she has an interesting perspective on the “Size Zero Debate”. This sizing issue is being brought up time and time again and I’ve come across many articles in the past few months addressing it.

In my own experience I’ve come to realize that retailers can’t seem to agree what is a size 6 nowadays. I walk into the Gap and I’m a size 2, but when I shop in Express, I’m a size 6. So what is it? Size 2 or 6 or 8? I recently learned about the term “vanity sizing” and how clothing companies will basically trick you into thinking that you’re a certain size, when you’re actually not. Anyhow, sizing is really very subjective.

Who really cares anyways? All that matters is that you find something that fits you right and you feel good about wearing. Isn’t that what counts? Nobody can see the size you’re wearing - the tag is on the inside, right?
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