Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Viva La Fitness!

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a fitness junkie, but I’ve been very active all of my life...played varsity basketball in high school, volleyball, softball, and ran cross country. Although I don’t do much of that nowadays, I still stay pretty active whether it’s going to the batting cages or going for a morning jog along the beach. I’ve never believed in “dieting”. I feel that simply exercising regularly and eating right is enough to keep one fit and in shape. Exercise gives you energy and a healthy glow...making you that much more beautiful ;)

It's very important to take care of your body - for the sake of your health and overall life longetivity. I've met many "older" people who exercise everyday and when I try to guess their age, I find that I'm off - way off. They always look younger than their real age!

For those of you who like to network with other people who are into fitness, there’s a new fitness social community in the blogosphere. This one was started by Louis Dorman last year. His story is one of inspiration as he lost 150 lbs and hopes to help others become more fit too!
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  1. Hey, love the blog!

    Thanks for tip on viva la fitness... i love it... and i am currently trying to shed a few pounds so the support is great.

    Thanks again.