Friday, October 13, 2006

Wedding Fashion

I found out via the Pierce Mattie PR blog that the Spring International New York Bridal Week is coming up. The Wedding Channel Couture is also having some shows from October 14th - 18th. I can’t even imagine how nerve-wracking trying to plan a wedding can be. I used to wonder why it took people up to a year to plan a wedding, but considering that there are so many details involved, I guess it could be quite time consuming. There’s wedding invitations, flowers, and oh, the dress! The wedding dress! That would probably be the hardest decision for me to make. I think the wedding fashion and colors would be the challenge.

Being a “simple” girl, I don’t need a big poofy dress - just something elegant and understated. Of course, I turn to Vera Wang and adore this dress pictured here...It’s flowy and not high-maintenance.

As for shoes, I would choose something pretty simple as well. This pair of Anne Klein New York white sandals I could wear because they’re not too high, plus I could wear them after the wedding as well!

Anne Klein New York - Cal (Bridal White) - Women's

Actually, I think I’ll have to take my previous statement back... Choosing the dress wouldn’t be the hardest decision. My diamond ring would be! Gold or white gold? Or maybe platinum? I know I would definitely want something unique...

All of this talk about weddings is enough to make me really want to get married now! However, it won’t cost nearly as much as Beyonce’s wedding!
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