Thursday, November 2, 2006

Paris Hilton in French Vogue

I went to the bookstore today and had to chuckle at this Paris Vogue front cover. I’m trying so hard to take Paris Hilton seriously, but when she goes and does something like this, I just have to laugh. Ok, the French may call this art, but I simply must call this tasteless. Here’s what others are saying...

Faded Youth says, “And to think -- I used to like the French.”

Popsugar says, “Paris Hilton Is Overpriced”

Go Fug Yourself says, “...Paris Hilton's underboob? Honey, show us something we haven't seen before.”
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  1. When I go to the magazine racks, or skim the celeb blogs, I make an effort to not make full eye contact with anything Paris on it. I just want to know when she will just go away from headline cover.

  2. Anonymous1:57 PM

    ah- its so refreshing to read ur blog apps have kept me away
    as for paris....OH GOD!
    Does vogue realize they put the WRONG paris on the front page?
    ughh- not a fan. love nikki, but paris, trying high fashion? HA