Thursday, November 16, 2006

Shopping on a Budget in San Diego Part 1

Yes, my dear friends, it is possible to look absolutely fabulous and still get good quality clothing. If you live here in San Diego, it can become quite the challenge trying to pay for rent, gas, and still have money left over for a nice outfit or two. Believe me, I know. So, I thought I’d do a series of posts on shopping on a budget here in San Diego. Actually most of my advice can apply to any fashionista across the country, but there are some places I’ll mention that may not be in other cities.

First stop: Ross Department Stores

There are quite a few Ross stores scattered throughout San Diego county. I visited the new two-story Ross store in downtown (on the corner of 5th and “C” St) and I never had so much fun! You know how most Ross stores are pretty picked over? This store is jammed pack full of clothing - mostly women’s clothing. You can find cute tops and sweaters anywhere from $7 - $12. I bought a Maidenform bra that normally cost $24 for only $10 and scored big on a pair of Bandolino brown slacks for $14! Pictured here is a top I found for $7.

I know, I know, it’s frustrating to shop in Ross at times. A fashionista definitely has to be in a hunting mood to shop in there. However, it’s worth it considering the money you save!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more shopping in San Diego!
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