Friday, December 8, 2006

Is It True That It Takes Fewer Muscles to Smile Than Frown?

For all you men who may come across this blog, you may be interested in knowing that the magazine, Maxim, has just launched a new section called the Common Myth and Urban Legend Debunkkment Section. It’s an interesting section that tells us whether or not what we believe is actually true or false. Here’s an interesting tidbit that is relevant to beauty...
Myth 12: It takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown.
The truth: Sad, but true.
The mantra that every bleeding-heart optimist uses to encourage the rest of us to cheer up is actually correct. “Smiling only uses the zygomaticus major and a couple of other muscles below the eyes and around the mouth,” says Daniel Zwitman, Ph.D., speech pathologist in west Los Angeles and former professor at the UCLA medical school. Looking miserable takes a lot more effort, using lots of muscles with boring names. So, turn that frown…
Believe it or not, a smile can boost your prettiness quotient by many degrees! Who wants to hang out with someone who is always frowning anyways?
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