Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Closet Cleaning

I'm going to venture into the unknown...into the darkest corners of my closet...and clear out every single piece of clothing that I haven't touched in the past year. And yes, there is going to be a ton of things that are going to be given away. Someone out there is going to blessed with tons of purses :)

I've realized that I probably only wear 1/3 of the items in my closet. Today I will make it a closet cleaning day. It's something I highly recommend. Sometimes I find things in there that I've forgotten about...and then it feels like something new again. It also curbs the urge to go shopping and spend money that I don't need to be spending - which is why I didn't post any Memorial Day sales here...Don't need that temptation!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Lancome's New Ad Campaign

Lancome, the cosmetic giant, has come out with a new beauty campaign called MOI. The inspiration behing MOI by Lancome is this:

"True beauty goes way beyond appearances. It's an emotion lying at the very surface of the skin. An awakening of the senses. The reflection of the harmony that links the soul, the body and the mind."

And the mission of MOI:

"We believe every woman is beautiful. We want to help you find and embrace the beauty of your life, to celebrate the radiant confidence and intuitive intelligence that make you uniquely beautiful, inside and out."

"Retail Therapy: Life Lessons Learned While Shopping"

Retail Therapy:  Life Lessons Learned While Shopping - Buy the Book!
I started reading Retail Therapy: Life Lessons Learned While Shopping by Amanda Ford. I thought it was going to be your usual fashion style how-to, but there are many important things to take away from this book.

Amanda Ford offers us shopping and fashion advice, but with a little twist. Many of us shop for the wrong reasons, which she uncovers. To quote from the book:

"It's the extra niceties that surround expensive brands that allure and trap me. I love the fancy tags that hang on a string and are fastened to the clothes with a safety pin, the beautiful magazine ads portraying elegant lifestyles, the fabulous bags and boxes that you get when making a purchase from a designer store. The stores that sell these fancy, expensive clothes are much more appealing to shop in, and the lighting, the layout, the service are so much better than at bargain basements. The problem with shopping this way, however, is that in blindly follow designer trends, you lose the most unique, most vibrant part of your own style.

Ignoring your own desires and getting swayed by brand names and other people leads to a closet full of mistakes..."

And if you're bummed about not being able to afford those new Prada's, may I suggest reading the chapter "Count Your Blessings"....

HIGHLY recommended read!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Beauty And The Beast - The Answer To Being Beautiful

by Kacy Carr

It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder - well so does Beauty - the more you peer at something beautiful the more you yearn for it. Beauty injects an essence of elegance - an emotion felt within which comes with feeling good about your self. But leading a healthy lifestyle has to be the most important of all.

Health plays a major role in contributing to the beautiful feeling experienced when looking good. Many women tend to suffer from Beauty and the Beast syndrome - where one day an effort is made to look good and then the next - no matter what you do - it just is not happening. Why? Well it is no secret; there are two main key issues to take claim of being beautiful. and that is the (take 2 factor) number 1 look good and 2 is feel good - if you don`t feel good about yourself then don`t expect to look good.

Transformation can take place in the beauty department if you make a stand and sort yourself out. Your health dominates how you feel - how you look and how you think so any concerns that are causing you sorrow whether it be a health or beauty matter then remember a problem shared is a problem halved. Speak with your local GP and once you are given the all clear - take note of the change in your whole entity, a personality change comes with looking beautiful.

A fabulous way to find the beauty within - is to let it out. Inner beauty can be released by practising yoga. Yoga is an amazing exercise that understands what the body`s wants and needs are. Anxiety and tension bring on frowns - meaning more wrinkles, this is not part of any known beauty package. A beautiful person injects happiness and smiles that come from the heart (a healthy one)

Feeling good about your self is the first step in the right direction to making your beauty regime a more pleasurable one - guaranteed. Once you have claimed a content mind minus any matters of concern - it is then after you apply your beauty cosmetics you will notice the mirror image of yourself will be that of a changed person. Confront the reflection of the beast in the mirror and watch the beauty transformation take place. Notice how the facial skin turns to that of a fresh complexion - see how the lip gloss is now a glow. All because you feel good.

Beauty /Health magazines have wonderful ideas and tips on being beautiful and you will find many online support centres on beauty very fulfilling but what you have to bear in mind is, these beauty support groups on health and fashion do just that - give advice.

This is about you and being beautiful so regardless of whether the advice given, is by Sharon Stone, you are never going to experience that feeling of walking along the red carpet unless you feel good.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Fabulous Beauty at http://www.spotthepimple.com/ Personal Hygiene http://www.bodyodoursmell.com/

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Walmart Fashion vs Target Fashion

I've bought a few clothing items from Target, but today...today I think was the day I fell in love with almost every piece of clothing I laid my eyes on at the store. I had to push the cart very fast on the way to buy hair conditioner (I'm trying Garnier Fructis for the first time!).

Walmart is trying to step up its game to compete with Target and other high fashion clothiers/retailers, but I just don't see them coming close. But who knows.... I could be wrong.
Pictured here is an outfit from Walmart's Metro 7 line of clothing for women. Yay or nay?

Friday, May 19, 2006

Natural Ingredients For Beauty Products

You'll hardly see me in the beauty product aisle of Target. It's mind-boggling...all the products we have to choose from nowadays. You can waste so much time trying to decide which product is going to work best for you. I do prefer the old soap and water routine, but have noticed that the soaps I use tend to dry out my skin. Or my skin is changing...

Anyhow, I wonder what women used in the prairie days?

I read over at the Chicago Tribune Online that manufacturers of cosmetics are trending towards natural ingredients for their products. Check out the article here...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Love Thyself

I was sitting in the bookstore today and overheard a girl who worked there saying to someone else, "Gosh, Jessica Alba is so pretty! I wish I could look like her. I want to be everything she is!" I wanted to turn around and tell her that she was beautiful just the way she is. I know I should have, but I didn't. I know I need to speak up more often.

Yes, Jessica Alba is beautiful, but everyone has their own unique beauty. It's time for women to embrace and love themselves for the beautiful women that they are.

There's a local periodical that comes out every Thursday here in San Diego. It's called The San Diego Reader and the first ten pages or so has ads for plastic surgery doctors. Women displaying - ahem - distorted looking breasts occupy these pages and it saddens me that they don't love themselves enough to accept how they were brought into this world. Are big breasts truly going to make them happier? Are they really going to find their knight in shining armor with those big breasts? Probably not.

There's one celebrity that I admire for staying true to herself...Debra Messing. You can tell that she's a natural beauty and is confident in her womanhood. I absolutely love her fashion sense.

The next time you find yourself saying "I wish I could look this way....", I recommend that you take a look in the mirror, give yourself a hug, and say, "I love you!"

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The 80's Are Back!

Swatch Watch
All I have to say is "Ahhhhh!" Am I that old that fashion is already recycling itself? I'm having flashbacks of Madonna and my obsession of wanting to dress like her. I have no problem with the leggings, but please, do NOT bring back the neon colors!

Actually, the 80's were a very fun and innocent time for me. It was a time of experimentation and trying to figure out my "style", which changed day by day.

Items I did wear:

Friday, May 12, 2006

Quiz- Has Fashion Imprisoned Us?

by CD Mohatta

Fashion is all encompassing. Do you make fashion, or fashion makes you? How much are you affected by the latest trends? Let us look at this issue impersonally. Please view some old photographs dating about hundred years old. You will see men and women wearing different types of clothes then now.
Today, the trend is different.

The word "trend", "latest" and "in fashion" take away our originality. We have stopped thinking about what kind of clothes we want to wear, so that we look good and feel comfortable. Instead we find out what the celebrities are wearing. We look at the latest collections of fashion designers. We make our choice from these. We don't make our own fashion.

This does not apply to our thinking, our motions and our value systems. In these, we have our own standards. But when it comes to fashion, we fall in queue. Why? The designers are persuading us that if we don't follow the latest fashion, we are backward and not up to date. Friends may laugh at us. Many of us display the latest acquisitions of designer clothes that we but at exorbitant prices. We don't question the prices of top designers. Why?

It has to do with some amount of brainwash all of us have undergone by the marketing companies. If everyone becomes independent and makes his/her own fashion, how will they survive? Many of us buy the latest clothing, wear it once or twice and then never wear it again, because it has gone out of fashion. We spend money again and buy the latest. Fashion has affected us to such an extent that we don't question about these issues. We simply follow the herd.

CDMohatta writes for Personality Tests and Quizzes, Friendship Tests and Quizzes and Business & Career Tests & Quizzes

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Does Cutting Down On Coffee Improve Your Complexion?

I haven't completely cut out the coffee in my life yet... I'm down to drinking it about three times a week - just one cup per day. However, I was talking to a friend about it and she told me that when she stopped drinking coffee her complexion started to get better. Is this true? I've heard opposing views about coffee. Some say it's good...some say it's bad. Who knows?

I only had four and half hours of sleep last night, so I was tempted to drink a second cup today. However, after much debate, I opted for one of those Yoplait "Nouriches". Very good, by the way! And it gave me the boost to get me through the rest of the day....highly recommended for the beauty on the go!

Sunday, May 7, 2006

Prevent Acne Scarring

Get to Know has published an article called "Prevent Scarring From Acne". The author offers this tip:

"The best thing you can do to clear your acne is to develop a proper cleaning routine. This involves washing your skin with a gentle soap twice a day and can mean using acne treatment products during the day and night. In addition to washes, you might try skin exfoliates, day and night creams and facial scrubs"

My current skin-cleaning ritual consists of using Avon's Anew Retroactive 2-in-1 Cleanser followed by the new Anew Alternative Age Treatment. For breakouts I put Neutrogena's On-the-Spot Acne Treatment which clears up the acne pretty quickly. I'm pretty good about washing my face twice a day and using a face scrub twice a week.

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5 Great Pieces You Must Own

I was excited to see my new Lucky Magazine in the mail today :) According to the magazine, these are the 5 great pieces you must own!

1) Metallic sandals. I like this gold-toned number by Charles David available at Zappos.com. Putting these on will certainly bring out the Diva in you...

Charles David - Statement (Gold Metallic Suede) - Women's

2) Black leather bag - every diva needs a black leather bag, I don't care who you are. I simply can't live without one. This one pictured here is from the Capaf line by Forzieri, a fashion-chic suede handbag with a patent leather trim. The inside features a center zip compartment, a small side zip pocket and the lining has a leopard print that makes it absolutely sophisticated and feminine.

Capaf Black Suede and Leather Tote Bag

3) Fancy Earrings - these sterling silver and black obsidian chandelier earrings capture the geometric trend that is appearing for the spring season...

4) Sexy suit - a sexy suit that exudes confidence and commands attention to the diva. Check out this City Unltd Stretch Suit Jacket and Pants

5) Sequin top - a pretty sequin top adds drama to any outfit and makes you feel extra special :) I especially like this sequin applique top...

Friday, May 5, 2006

Alek Wek: A Beauty Beyond

Alek Wek is not just a model strutting the catwalk every chance she gets. She's also a model that wants to raise awareness about what's going on in Sudan. Alek was born in Sudan, but at the age of 14, left Africa to live in London. It was there in London that she was discovered by an agent.

Alek isn't your "run-of-the-mill" model. She's not light-skinned with long hair, but she definitely has a unique look.

"Alek is the antithesis of what the media have defined as beauty," says Candace Matthews, president of ethnic hair care company Softsheen-Carson. "She has really opened up the way for anyone to come after."

*Source: San Diego Union Tribune/ Photo Credit: Jim Cooper A.P.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

My Gucci Summer Fashion Picks

Well, summer is just around the corner! I've made my designer wishlist and this year Gucci has taken the spotlight. Check out my post "Gucci On My Mind" at TheRunwayScoop. While you're there, let me know what you think ;)

~~~Shop for GUCCI Handbags !!

Some Clothes Aren't Made For Everybody...

This is what Erin of Forever In Blue Jeans learned as she tried to emulate Gisele's cute outfit from InStyle Magazine. Ah, I often wonder what it would be like to have big "breastses", and so I live vicariously through Erin on this subject :) She offers a tip to those of us who have large bra sizes:

"...avoid crew necks and prints sitting directly on your girls; avoid lines that draw an even bigger line around your curves. I knew this before I went to the mall, of course, but in my excitement, I ignored it. Sigh. "

I can certainly relate. Like in my fondness of some shoes that make my big feet look even bigger, but yet I choose to still wear them. It's the comfort thing, you know.