Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Madrid Fashion Week Producers Ban Skinny Models

I apologize, dear readers, for neglecting you here at Beauty is Within. I've been so busy covering Fashion Week in New York at The Runway Scoop plus doing my other blogging!

I'm back to report the biggest news floating around the blogosphere...Madrid Fashion Week is underway and the producers have banned skinny models from the event! Finally, something is being done about the waifs ;) Perhaps it was a publicity stunt to bring more buzz about the Fashion Week - because I, for one, did not know that Madrid had a fashion week to begin with. Regardless, I'm glad that someone is doing something!

I read a comment at A Socialite's Life where someone said that models are "supposed to be skinny". Says who?

Look at this picture...does this look remotely attractive? Would you want to buy clothes based on how this model looks?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Favorite Collection So Far: Carolina Herrera SS07

Caroline Herrera Dress Spring 2007
If there’s one collection that I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY love so far for SS07, it’s the Carolina Herrera collection. I checked out the photos provided by Coutorture and I can say that I could picture myself wearing every piece that Herrera created this upcoming spring season. Bag Snob says it right: “Now here is a woman [Carolina Herrera] who oozes taste and style. She couldn't be tacky if she tried…”

I dream of wearing these threads as I sip tea with my friends before we head out for a day of shopping. So stylish. So chic. So me.

What are your favorite collections so far?

Also, read my thoughts on the Baby Phat show at The Runway Scoop...

Saturday, September 9, 2006

New York Fashion Week Fall 2006 in Full Swing!

Check out some of the videos provided by Coutorture in the sidebar! >>>>

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Hair Care Tips

I can't even tell you the last time I got a hair cut! My hair is black, long, straight, and a little on the dull side. Thank God I received an email from the Oprah website that shares with us all these great articles on dealing with your hair...

I also came across some home hair care tips here...

I once tried applying mayonnaise to my hair for conditioning and it worked! I just hated the smell and didn't do it again!

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Friday, September 1, 2006

One of My Favorite Ad Campaigns This Fall...

One of my favorite ad campaigns in the September issue of Vogue is the Juicy Couture campaign. It’s vibrant! It’s colorful! It’s funny! I’m thrilled to find out that they’ve come out with a “fruity” perfume and can’t wait to smell it. I’ve never been a perfume person - only because there aren’t too many fruity-smelling perfumes out there.

As for Juicy Couture clothing, I haven’t seen any new designs yet. I’ve never been too wild about the terry-cloth jumpsuits that they came out with, but being a jewelry designer, I’ve pretty fond of the charm jewelry that they have.

I recently found out that the founders of Juicy Couture started out with only $200 and a line of credit to start their business. That gives me inspiration! Maybe one day you’ll see my company with a five page spread in Vogue, eh?

Thanks for reading!!

Time To Exercise Again!!

If you truly want to feel good about yourself and look good in the process, I highly recommend working out. It’s been awhile since I’ve worked out and I was feeling so tired and groggy all the time. I have been getting a decent amount of sleep so I know it couldn’t be lack of sleep. Then it hit me. Duh, I need to work out for more energy! So hubby got me into the gym today and we worked out together - that’s another thing I highly recommend - have a partner to motivate you!

If you have a hard time getting to the gym for some reason then write it down on your TO DO list in the morning and look at it as a date with yourself. It’s time to start loving yourself!! Can you feel the energy coming out of the computer?? That’s me really hyped up right now!!

So, get up and get a workout in and watch your energy levels soar!! I came across this article titled Finding Motivation to Exercise that may be of help as well...

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