Saturday, February 24, 2007

Anew Micro Exfoliant Review and Beauty Rituals

A friend who sells Avon gave me the Anew Micro-Exfoliant to try out. Now, I don’t have much of a daily beauty “ritual” other than to wash my face with soap and water and apply cocoa butter afterwards. Cocoa butter works wonders, by the way. However, I thought I’d give the exfoliant a go...

I’ve been using it about once a week for the past month and yes, my face does feel a bit smoother, but I don’t know if the difference is in the use of the exfoliant or the cocoa butter. I’d like to know if you’ve tried the Anew Micro-Exfoliant and what your results are!

They say that your skin changes after you turn 30 and up until now I didn’t really believe that. Actually, in a way I still don’t believe it. I think that whatever you ate in your 20’s catches up with you in your 30’s. In essence, you are what you eat!

Do you have a beauty ritual you’d like to share?
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