Thursday, February 1, 2007

Valentine's Day Beauty and Fashion Deals

As many of us know, Valentine's Day is approaching and if you're a boyfriend who happened to stumble across this blog, here are some gift ideas that you may want to check out. But hey, if you don't have a boyfriend, why not spoil yourself for Valentine's Day? That's love, isn't it?

Give inspired gifts!

If you love diamonds, is offering 10% off all diamonds from 2/3/07-2/5/07

Receive Free Shipping at with $25 purchase (new customers only). See site for details. Ends 3-31-07.

Valentine's Day is Daring, Decadent and Delicious at Fredericks. Save $10
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  1. Anonymous11:57 PM

    Hey this is really've got some real nice ideas here...thanks for sharing all these with us...well hey i'd also like you to go through my blog sometime and check out all the ideas and suggestions i've posted there...and while you're at it do share your thoughts!!!