Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The World's Most Expensive Mascara

I just came across the Hcouturebeauty.com website and discovered the most expensive mascara I've ever known of. It's called the "Socialite Mascara" and it costs a whopping $589. Yes, you read right, my dear fashionista. That's $589. It's available in black and brown and you receive 1 year of lash concierge with it - which means you get a complimentary refill tube of the mascara every three months.

The company was started by Ms. Taysha Valez and I love the philosophy (from the website):

"Ms. Valez seeks to educate women on how to become their own biggest fan. This entails being comfortable in her own skin...in fact, loving their own skin, while exuding the intelligence and beauty

...Ms. Valez will just be there to guide them through the natural process, while operating a profitable luxury lifestyle empire."
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