Sunday, March 4, 2007

America's Next Top Model: Keep Your Dream Alive!

America’s Next Top Model is in its 8th season (you go, Tyra!) and although I missed the first episode, I have to thank God for You Tube because I’m able to catch up on some of my favorite shows. Below is clip from the first episode of ANTM if you missed it as well:

I have to admit that one of the reasons I stopped watching ANTM is because of all the drama that goes on between the girls. I know, I know, it makes for “good television” - whatever that means. What is it about drama that has us addicted to these reality shows?

I just wish these girls would understand that even though they weren’t chosen to continue on doesn’t mean that they just give up their dream. There’s one girl on the show who says that “This is bull”. You can’t be mad, girlfriend. It’s just not the path for you, so find another one to follow! Hello! Look at Jennifer Hudson. She didn’t win American Idol, but look at her now. An oscar winner AND the cover of Vogue! That’s what I’m talking about...

A word of advice for those of you aspiring to become a model: Keep your dream alive and it will happen for you!
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