Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Cute Outfit a Day Takes the Blues Away

Marilyn Kirschner said something over at Daily Fashion Report that is worthy of noting:

“I’m one who believes fervently that life is too short and too precious NOT to dress up every day (regardless of what it is you’re doing or where you’re going). And by ‘dress up’ I don’t mean cocktail suits and gowns. It’s not just about looking good and putting thought into your outfits sporadically, for special occasions (black tie events, red carpet entrances, grand parties, benefits), but expressing yourself through your clothing and accessory choices on daily basis.”

As I sit here in my pajamas and tousled hair, I feel just a wee bit blah. I didn’t listen to that little voice inside my head that told me throw on something nice even though I would be inside all day writing and because I didn’t listen, I just didn’t feel all that inspired.

Do you know that feeling when you put on a cute outfit and throw on lip gloss that makes your face shine? Doesn’t it make you feel more energized and ready to take on the world? That’s what I missed today. But it’s not too late! (Getting off the chair to comb my hair...)
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  1. Ha! I woke up depressed because I went to bed mad at my husband (just a small passing thing). So here I sit, blah!, at the computer. It's a beautiful sunny day here and I am going to go put on some beautiful sunny day clothes!