Saturday, March 31, 2007

I Dream of Ballet Flats

When I was a young diva I wanted to take ballet lessons, but my parents insisted that I learn piano. So, piano it was but it didn’t stop me from dreaming about pink tutus and ballerina shoes. I ended up checking out a book from the library about ballet and taught myself how to pirouette - but that’s another story...

Ever since then I’ve had a love affair with ballet flats and every spring I go on the hunt for the perfect ballet flat. This spring it seems as if everyone is sharing in my love affair, so I wanted to share a few of them that have caught my eye...Cole Haan - Women's Air Maye Ballet

For something causal and simple, I came across this
leather ballet flat by Cole Haan
. I don’t know if you know just how comfortable Cole Haan shoes are! They’re very cushioned with the Nike Air technology, so you could practically walk all day in Cole Haan shoes.

Add a little shine to your outfit with these Tapeet Elastic Ankle Strap Ballet Flat. They’re fun and dainty-looking...

Tapeet Elastic Ankle Strap Ballet Flat

For something really, really fun to throw on with jeans and a t-shirt, check out these black and white polka dot flats by Draven

Draven - Green Day - Polkadot Flat (Black/White) - Women's
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  1. I love ballet flats, too, and have been wearing them for years! My favorites are a pair from Chanel in a pale gray I've had for over ten years, and they still look great.

  2. The pink ones are so darling!