Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Beauty Blog Links

Only the Deepest Red II

I did some beauty bloghopping today and wanted to share some worthwhile reads:

Over at Beauty and Personality Grooming, I learned that Pranayama, a Yogic breathing exercise, enlivens your looks! I’ve always wanted to learn Yoga and discovering this post has given me the nudge I need to use this as part of my beauty ritual.

The Beauty Brains has some tips for longer and stronger nails. My nails start to break after growing about half an inch, so I’m going on the hunt for a good hand or cuticle cream.

The Glamorous Bee reveals that she is anti-age after seeing the Dove ad in Harper’s Bazaar. No matter what I look like I will always be 21 in my heart! Embrace your age, Glamorous Bee! It’s just a number ;)
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