Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sanjaya: Beauty From Within

I used to be an American Idol watcher, but I’ve cut down tremendously on my TV watching the past couple years. However, this season of American Idol has a little bit of pizazz in it. That pizazz comes from none other than the famous Sanjaya. This guy seems to be the “heart throb” of many teenage girls around the country. My friends can’t understand what the big deal is with Sanjaya, but after watching him on stage a couple times, I now understand…

You see, Sanjaya has this kind of energy that you get when you have passion for what you do. People feed off that energy. Not to mention that he’s just very unique in his own way which makes him even more fascinating.

Have you ever seen someone’s eyes sparkle with energy and happiness? That’s what makes you beautiful!
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