Saturday, May 5, 2007

Beauty Tips For the Summer Traveler

With summer fast approaching, I’m sure many of you are gearing up for travel to far away places - and I’m no exception! Next month I head to Chicago, so I’ll be posting all my adventures into boutiques in the Windy City…then in August I’ll be on a cruise into either the Caribbean or Mexico - haven’t decided yet ;)

Well, if you’re the woman who is constantly on the go, here are ten beauty secrets of a traveling woman that I came across over at Tips, Tricks, Tweaks - a website full of all kinds of health, fashion and beauty tips…plus everything else to help you get through life ;)

My favorite tip stated in the article is #10:

Have a Great Attitude. We all know people who are attractive and we know people who we think are beautiful. Most of the beautiful people have an inner beauty that separates them from the rest. Keep a good attitude. Life is short so make it beautiful.

It really is all about attitude. If you are smiling, happy and enjoying life to the fullest, it makes you glow…That inner light is shining! You can also apply this good attitude towards how you present yourself in the way you dress. When you’re confident and just feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, people take notice!
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