Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Fashion Blogtipping!

It’s the first of the month…and that means Blogtipping day! I’ve never blogtipped here at Beauty is Within, so if you’re not familiar with the concept, you can read more about it over at BusinessBlogWire.

I have randomly chosen three blogs from my blogroll. Let the fun begin!

First stop is Busy With Style
  • I love pictures and this blog has plenty of them
  • If you really want to know all about spring style, Ivy breaks it down for you!
  • I also like that there are options available to subscribe to the blog
Tip: I love all the commentary…Please post more often!

Second stop: Fashion Inc
  • I love the design layout and colors of the blog
  • Information is easy to find because of the “Categories” section
Tip: I’d like to see a picture of the fashionista on the “About” page. Show that beautiful face, chica!
Highheels, Coolness

Last stop: Styleology 101
  • That header is to die for! Awesome graphics and very professional looking…
  • Fashion resources in the sidebar are great!
Tip: Add an RSS feed button so we can easily subscribe to the blog!

Well, hopefully you discovered some new and fun fashion blogs! Thanks for reading ;) If you have any tips or suggestions for this blog, feel free to leave a comment…
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  1. Excellent blogtipping, Maria! ... Don't I know you from somewhere? ;)