Friday, May 25, 2007

Get Gorgeous Now!

Most of us spend our lives trying to find beauty outside of ourselves. However did you know that you could be beautiful right now? That you could be GORGEOUS right now?

One of the most very passionate people I know has some advice to help us out:

"What if you knew you were already gorgeous? Not 20 pounds less then now. Not after that promotion. Not after that striking stranger asks you out. But today. Maybe you want confidence or sexiness, or peace, or joy, or serenity. Take that word and wrap yourself up in it. Wear it and flaunt it. Try it. See if YOU don’t feel more IT instantly."

Read more of what she has to say in her article, "Gorgeous Is An Inside Job"
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  1. Maria~

    Thanks for the shout're gorgeous chica!

    Stay Passionate,