Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Loyalty Definitely Pays!

With so many loyalty cards out there, we’ve become jaded by the all the different offers that come our way. Retailers like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus have rewards programs which are fairly good, but for me, many of the rewards or loyalty programs out there aren’t incentive enough for me to stay loyal.

But what if a company offered $250K - $1M cash back for staying loyal to them throughout my entire life? Hmmm…now you’re talking!

I just found out about and signed up with the uTango Rewards Program. Basically what they have done is partner with about 300 online merchants and whenever you shop those merchants, you receive cash back. The cash is deposited into a “savings” account and you can earn annual cash back bonuses of up to $200 and eventually earn up to $1 million cash for your retirement! This is what I call smart shopping ;) Forget those credit cards that offer cash back at the end of the year…

With the uTango Rewards Program, you can earn Tango dollars at online shops like Sephora, American Eagle Outiftters, Adidas, Old Navy and the list goes on and on…But it’s not only for clothes shopping - you can earn bucks from travel and dining as well. Refer friends or invite guest shoppers and earn even more money! Membership is free so sign up now!
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