Sunday, July 29, 2007

7 Steps To a More Beautiful You...Step #4: Thou Shall Not Judge!

I know I haven't been on top of the series that I began a couple weeks ago and I do apologize! For those of you who have just stumbled across this blog, please read the first four steps to a more a beautiful you...

Step #1: Smile
Step #2: Exercise
Step #3: Know That You Are Beautiful

I will continue the series with Step #4... Thou Shall Not Judge!

Judging others by what they wear is something that we see and hear on a daily basis. If you turn on the TV to a channel like E!, you'll find someone making comments about another person's dress. When you open a fashion magazine, there's commentary about "Who wore it better".

I admit that I've even made remarks about someone's attire just because it's different from the "norm". However, I've come to realize that we are all different and each of us has a different way of expressing who we are. Yes, even if someone decides to wear one of those muffin tops - keep your mouth shut! Remember that saying, "If you don't have anything nice to say..."

I remember when that picture of Tyra Banks in her bikini was floating around the internet. Just about every fashion or beauty blog I went to was talking about it. The comments that some people made were just plain mean which made me wonder what insecurities these people had that they felt the need to talk crap about Tyra. In my experience, what I've found is that the most judgmental people are the ones with the biggest insecurities.

So, the next time you feel the need to talk bad about another person, turn around and look at yourself instead. Are you perfect?
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