Sunday, September 2, 2007

Seven Steps To a More Beautiful You: Step #7 - Develop Your Own Style

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Well, we've finally reached Step #7 on this journey to a more beautiful you. Let's recap the previous six steps:

1. Smile!
2. Exercise
3. Know That You Are Beautiful
4. Thou Shall Not Judge
5. Take Care of Your Temple
6. KnowYour and Follow Your Dreams

This last step covers the topic of buying clothing that you love and developing your own style. Yes, being beautiful is about what goes on within you, but I also believe that the outside reflects what's going on in the inside. It's important to care of your body and make an effort to present yourself as a confident, beautiful person. Part of that includes dressing yourself from head to toe in fabulous gear!

I'm not talking about going out and buying all designer fashion and going for broke. What I'm saying is that you should only wear clothes that best express who you are (a beautiful, vibrant lady!) and buying things that you absolutely love. You'd be surprised how many women I hear say something to the effect of, "I saw (enter celebrity name) wearing something like that, so I'm going to buy it!"

Just because you saw a celebrity wear something or believe that "everybody else" is wearing it doesn't mean that you should wear it - unless, of course, you love it too. I've also heard women say that they won't wear something because it's "so last season". If you love something that was big last season, by all means you can still wear it this season! There are many ways you can update a piece and make it into your own style.

Developing your own style and mastering your look is about wearing things that you love, wearing pieces that make you feel comfortable, at the same time enhances and compliments your body shape.

So, there you have it! Follow these seven steps and you'll be on your way to becoming a more beautiful person - the type of person that attracts all the best that life has to offer! If you have any tips to add, I welcome your comments!
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