Tuesday, October 16, 2007

5 Anti-Aging Tips For Natural Beauties

It's amazing how many cares disappear when you decide not to be something, but to be someone -- Coco Chanel

My best friend's daughter celebrated her 10th birthday this past weekend. She was excited to finally be in the double digits! In the card that I gave her I wrote, "Always remember that age is just a number!"

Many of us pay too much attention to how old we are and pay oodles of money to fight those signs of aging. We buy all these anti-aging products that promise to help us, however, did you stop to think that worrying and stressing about how old you're getting is only adding to the problem?

In talking to women who still look young despite their age, I've found out some secrets to look and feel younger:

1. Stop worrying about how old you're getting! Instead, focus on the moment and enjoy life right now. Don't stress about the future and how old you're going to look!

2. Exercise regularly - a.k.a. have alot of sex! Hey - that's just what someone told me! Ok, so you don't have a partner to do the hanky-panky with...Well, just go to the gym or do yoga. Just be active!

3. Laugh alot. I think if you are an overall happy person, that beauty from within will shine and make you look younger.

Eva Longoria at Desperate Housewives Press Conference 20074. Eat healthy

5. Don't smoke or drink excessively!

Yes, all of us want to be young again, myself included. Instead of wanting to just look younger and be this gorgeous hottie, why not start focusing on being someone - like Coco Chanel said. Focus on being someone who makes a difference because that's someone who will always be beautiful no matter how old she is.

Pictured here is Eva Longoria who I admire for her natural beauty...She still looks like she's in her 20's!
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  1. im specifically reffering to natural beauty, zero makeup included. ive always hated using makeup almost all of my life, so ive gone around without it since then, but ive gotten to notice certain things. like when i eat tomatoes or red bell peppers my cheaks turn this real nice soft red or when i put this marykay lip mask, after i remove it, it also leaves my lips looking super glossy, all natural.Now i think your tips will help me further.Thanks for the info