Thursday, October 4, 2007

Spring 2008 Jewely: Big, Bold, and Beautiful

As I go through the file of pictures I've saved from some of the Spring 2008 runway shows, I noticed that there aren't too many collections with jewelry. What I did notice was that the jewelry was big - but then again, it does have to be big to get noticed ;)

The Just Cavalli and Pucci spring collections show models with stacked bangle bracelets...

Spring 2008 Jewelry
My favorite bracelets are the tribal-inspired ones from Oscar de la Renta...

Oscar de la Renta bangle bracelets
This necklace from the Emporio Armani show makes a big statement...

Emporio Armani Spring 2008Ok, so maybe you don't have the budget to buy jewelry from these designers. Here are a few alternatives below...(From left to right: Translucent honey dew resin bangle bracelet; Swirly tango bracelet; Snake print metallic gray wood bangle bracelet) All are from Nvie Designs

Bangle Bracelets
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  1. Do you think the over sized jewellery will carry through until next year? I love the look but I am worried it may not be in next year and it is quite costly in the shops.