Monday, October 1, 2007

The Winner of the Dove & Beauty Is Within Giveaway!

The winner of the Dove & Beauty is Within Giveaway is...

Drumroll please!

Susan Stone of Susan's Spa!

Susan has won Dove's Cool Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner, a Beauty Is Within t-shirt, and a $25 gift certificate to use at my shop at Etsy!

Thanks to all who entered! The people who entered shared some great beauty tips:

Susan, the winner, says:
"My beauty tip for anyone is to remember to exfoliate. Use a scrub once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells to reveal fresh, new and glowing skin."

Payton of The Find offers this beauty tip:
"My #1 beauty tip is to get rid of pimples! I'm in my 30s and still get them. Anyway, if you feel a new pimple coming up, rub a very small dab of toothpaste into it and leave it alone! The toothpaste does two things: 1) reduces the redness 2) brings the toxins to the surface. If possible, do this at night before you go to bed. Once the puss surfaces, you should use a blackhead remover to extract the puss (do not use your fingers, you introduce germs/dirt to the pimple and bruise your face). Your pimple will clear up much faster with this easy remedy."

Lesha of The Stylish Mom (among other beauty and fashion blogs!) says:
"Drink Green Tea - it does wonders for the skin! :)"
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