Tuesday, November 27, 2007

5 Ways to Take Care Of Your Inner Beauty

Art Poster Wood Framed Print - Creme Simone Bath Beauty Poster - Artist: Vintage- Poster Size: 36 X 24
"...the inner beauty is what makes the outer beauty even more stunning. And in the complete package, this complete beauty turns heads and becomes unforgettable to those they meet..." -- from the article, Inner Beauty Strategy: Confidence and Positive Thinking

What have you done today to take care of your inner beauty so that your outer self becomes beautiful too?

Here are five things you can do right now:

1. Meditate on peace and happiness

2. Eat the right foods

3. Work on not being a judgmental person

4. Exercise

5. Enjoy a day at the spa to de-stress and relax!

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  1. Authentic Beauty5:07 AM

    One that is not on the list which I think is essential is gratitude. When one finds gratitude in even the smallest things that sense of peace and internal happiness shines through making you authentically beautiful!

  2. I completely agree - Gratitude is definitely key to becoming happier and life - and when you're happy, you're whole being shines! Thanks for stopping by ;)