Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Luxury and Makeup

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Maxi Shine LipstickGuerlain Kiss Kiss Maxi Shine LipstickCoutorture has started a new feature called "Coutorture Salon" in which fashion and beauty bloggers weigh in on a topic and share their thoughts on their blogs. This week's topic is "Luxury and Accessibility" which is something I've been giving much thought to for the past few months.

I shared my viewpoint on luxury and accessbility over at The Runway Scoop, however, I'd like to point out this very interesting post over at Provocative Thoughts that talks about make-up being a luxury. I do agree with this statement:
It just seems that luxury in the beauty department is simply affordable for a great many of us.
If we take the definition of luxury in its most literal form, then any type of makeup is luxury, isn't it? After all, makeup isn't a necessity in life. We could survive without it.

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