Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What Britney Spears Should Focus On

I'm not one who reads all those celebrity gossip magazines, however I do know that Britney Spears is always a hot topic of conversation. For the longest time I put off talking about her because we're already bombarded with information about her every move (thanks, paparazzi!).

However, she's the best example I could think of. Britney is someone who still hasn't found her inner beauty and this is why I believe she's in the mess.

Britney Spears has shown us what happens when you don't have the confidence or self-esteem to deal with issues in your life. It takes its toll on you emotionally and physically. You go on shopping binges to fill that void you have within. You crave attention so you get out of limos without doing an underwear check.

How do you not expect people to talk about you when you do all these things? A recent article of Britney in Allure Magazine painted a picture of a girl with bipolar disorder.

I think Britney is a great singer and performer and I only wish she would just focus on her music, focus on being a good mother to her kids, and just focus on discovering her own inner beauty.

Just my two cents...

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  1. I think it's hard when you so young and there is so much spotlight on you. What will happen when such celebs fall out of the limelight! It's scary hey!!!

  2. Sally,

    When you're young you are so susceptible to people's opinions about you. I think it's important to just get away for awhile - maybe a year or two. Especially for a celebrity like Britney who has been in the spotlight for so many years.

  3. It would be great if she recognized the fact that she is dependent on the publicity. She needs to get away for a month to a quiet retreat...not rehab but a place where she can just be still, quiet and get to know herself. We all need quiet reflection time to figure things out. She hasn't allowed herself to do that and she needs to.