Saturday, December 29, 2007

Get a Sexy Hairdo at Home with Twistii

On lazy hair days like today I love to put my hair up in a classic french twist and secure it with one of those hair claws. However, I recently tried out a product called Twistii, a hair updo tool invented by Liz Havlin.

The paper instructions I received with the tool and hairsticks were a little hard to follow (I learn by watching, not reading!), so I'm glad that Liz put together a few videos on how to achieve these different looks. Here she is giving instructions on how to do a french twist roll.

Because I have really long hair, it took a little bit of practice for me to get my hair tucked in right. When you've been doing the french twist one way for many years, it takes awhile to learn something new ;) Overall, I do like the product! It's available at Amazon...
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