Friday, December 28, 2007

Victoria Beckham: The Fashion Icon

Mention the name Victoria Beckham these days and many of us think "fashion icon". The title is rightfully deserved because I still have yet to catch her in a "No, No!" outfit! I love this Azzedine Alaia dress she's wearing...

The other day I watched a re-run of the Ellen Degeneres show where Victoria Beckham came on to share some of her fashion tips. She admitted that she always, always wears heels. I have to agree that wearing heels does make you feel a bit more confident - not to mention more sassy and sexy ;) And I do like that she wears pencil skirts which illustrates her classy style.

I recently watched a documentary on the life of Victoria Beckham in which she was portrayed (I say "portrayed" because who knows how much of it is true) as a young woman who wasn't happy with how she looked. She didn't like her teeth, her nose, etc., so she did what many celebrities do - she got plastic surgery. There was a time when I would have judged her for doing that, but I now realize that it serves no purpose for me.

Many women look up to her and admire her for the kind of lifestyle she lives. After all, when you have a husband that looks like David Beckham does, it's hard not to want that kind of life and want to look that way.

Beckham recently came out with her own book, That Extra Half an Inch (Read a review of the book...), in which she dishes her thoughts and experience about fashion. I have yet to read the book but I think I might just grab it the next time I'm in the bookstore...or buy it at Amazon.
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  1. I think most of Victoria's clothes are cute. Can you believe she made Mr. Blackwell's list of worst-dressed?

    I'm still with you, despite what others say, she has style!