Friday, May 25, 2007

Get Gorgeous Now!

Most of us spend our lives trying to find beauty outside of ourselves. However did you know that you could be beautiful right now? That you could be GORGEOUS right now?

One of the most very passionate people I know has some advice to help us out:

"What if you knew you were already gorgeous? Not 20 pounds less then now. Not after that promotion. Not after that striking stranger asks you out. But today. Maybe you want confidence or sexiness, or peace, or joy, or serenity. Take that word and wrap yourself up in it. Wear it and flaunt it. Try it. See if YOU don’t feel more IT instantly."

Read more of what she has to say in her article, "Gorgeous Is An Inside Job"

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More Cute Summer Swimsuits!

Well, dear fashionistas, we're continuing our journey to finding the perfect swimsuit...bathing suit...or bikini...whatever you want to call it!

Well, I’ve never really been into the whole skull print trend, but I found this Black And White Skull Print One-Piece Swimsuit to actually be pretty cute. Only $44 at Hot Topic!

Black And White Skull Print One-Piece Swimsuit

If you want a two-piece, but are still a little reluctant on showing all that skin, you may like this two-piece swimsuit. The Ruched Tube Top is on sale for $36 and the bottom is on sale for $27. Available at Macy's

Today must be black and white day! I came across this white One Piece Swimsuit in Belle Fleur Pair this swimsuit with some gold sandals and look like a million bucks instantly ;) Available at CoutureCandy for $141.

One Piece Swimsuit in Belle Fleur

All this swimsuit talk is reminding me that I haven't done my daily ab exercises today, so I must go do them now!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Count the Beads and Win Jewelry!

I'm holding a fun little contest over at the Salon de Maria blog! Now is your chance to win some of my handcrafted beaded jewelry!

The Quest For the Perfect Bathing Suit Begins…

We’re searching high and low for the perfect bikini and today starts the quest! Here are the picks for the day:

1. This super sexy one piece monokini is made up with a houndstooth print. Solid black trim and ties also accent. The front has a ring detail. Empire seam with padding at the chest. Fully lined. Available at

2. The Rusty Pacifico Bikini is my favorite pick so far. It has a slide halter with removeable soft and string bottom with crochet flower detail on front and back and red stitching along edge. Available at

3. The Guess camouflage-printed hipster scoop bottom features a metallic chain-link belt detail. The top is available separately. Available at

4. Print bikini set by Sylvie Cachay. Bandeau top features boning at crossover bust and tie at back. Detachable spaghetti straps tie behind neck. Low-rise bottoms feature attached skirt. Available at

Stay tuned for more bikini picks tomorrow! Remember to subscribe to this blog to receive updates and news on beauty and fashion!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Tina Knowles' Beauty Secrets and House of Dereon Swimsuits

Recently Renee Minus White of Amsterdam news sat down with Tina Knowles, the mother of Beyonce and Creative Director of the Deréon line that they launched last year.

When asked about beauty secrets, Tina Knowles said:

“Well I have always believed and taught both Beyonce and Solange that beauty comes from within. The key to beauty is inner peace. You can achieve that when you put God first in your life. Women are rare jewels and like any precious gems, we need to be mined and shined to really sparkle.”

Definitely something to keep in mind as you stare at yourself in the morning every morning. Some of you may not think you’re pretty, but believe me, sister, everyone has beauty.

And speaking of House of Dereon, I browsed around the shop for a bikini and found one that I like! This one is pretty simple, yet it speaks volumes in terms of sexiness…It has adjustable straps that can be tied at the neck or in the back. What I like is that it has pretty good coverage in the boob area ;)

Ring Front Bandeau & Ringed Hipster

Shop Deré

Get In Shape For Bathing Suit Season!

The hunt for the perfect bathing suit or bikini is on! I know many of you are working on flattening those abs and toning those thighs, but let’s hope you’ve been doing it enough that the results justify all that hard work!

Starting last week, I’ve been putting forth effort to exercise every day. If it’s not cardio, it’s going for a long walk or doing many, many sit-ups. They say that it takes about 21 straight days to form a habit, so put post-its everywhere around the house to remind you to work out! If it’s not to get into that bathing suit, do it for the health factor! Forget all those diet pills and anti-aging formulas - simple exercise will keep you looking young and firm!

Here's a video I found that offers a couple exercises to flatten that stomach!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Donna Karan Spring/Summer 2007 Runway Show

I have and always will be a Donna Karan fan. This Spring/Summer collection is probably my favorite of all time. It’s loose, carefree and it looks like you could actually feel ten degrees cooler in one of these outfits! Well, Donna Karan does travel to the Middle East quite often, so it comes as no surprise where she got her inspiration from…

Check out this runway show for her spring and summer 2007 collection...

Oh, and speaking of summer...It's finally bikini season, so for the next few days I'll be covering all the pretty bikinis I've come across plus some exercise tips to get your body ready for some exposure ;) If this is your first time here, remember to subscribe to this blog so you don't miss out on the summer fashion!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Loyalty Definitely Pays!

With so many loyalty cards out there, we’ve become jaded by the all the different offers that come our way. Retailers like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus have rewards programs which are fairly good, but for me, many of the rewards or loyalty programs out there aren’t incentive enough for me to stay loyal.

But what if a company offered $250K - $1M cash back for staying loyal to them throughout my entire life? Hmmm…now you’re talking!

I just found out about and signed up with the uTango Rewards Program. Basically what they have done is partner with about 300 online merchants and whenever you shop those merchants, you receive cash back. The cash is deposited into a “savings” account and you can earn annual cash back bonuses of up to $200 and eventually earn up to $1 million cash for your retirement! This is what I call smart shopping ;) Forget those credit cards that offer cash back at the end of the year…

With the uTango Rewards Program, you can earn Tango dollars at online shops like Sephora, American Eagle Outiftters, Adidas, Old Navy and the list goes on and on…But it’s not only for clothes shopping - you can earn bucks from travel and dining as well. Refer friends or invite guest shoppers and earn even more money! Membership is free so sign up now!

San Diego Fashion: Studio 12*20

Not too long ago I went shopping at Studio 12*20 here in San Diego and truly enjoyed the experience - so much, in fact, that I wrote about the experience over at my customer service blog. There's no doubt that the owners of Studio 12*20 gave much thought about their visual presentation and creating a unique look for their boutique.

I recently received one of their coupons via email and with their permission, I am able to pass on the coupon to you! Print it out and bring it in to get 10% off your purchase. So if you're ever in San Diego, I highly recommend visiting one of their boutiques!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I *Heart* Jimmy Choo

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went strolling around the mall to enjoy this gorgeous San Diego weather (practically every mall here in San Diego is and outdoor mall). I needed some fashion inspiration and ideas for articles and if I just happened to come across some rockin’ jeans in the process, well…

The Nordstrom here in Fashion Valley just started carrying Jimmy Choo and I’ve never been up close and personal with a Jimmy Choo handbag before, so I was quite enamored with the display of gorgeous handbags. This one pictured here caught my eye and I simply could not stop running my hands over the buttery leather…I swear, the picture does not do it justice!

Five minutes later…

Woah! I just went on a random daydream of me carrying around this handbag! Oh, Jimmy Choo, if you give me this purse, I’ll blog about it every day for the rest of my life ;)

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Adventures In Celebrity Lives

Sundays are a day to wind down and although I don’t do “Naked Sundays” like Christina Aguillera, I do let down my hair and take a little break from all the fashion news I write over at The Runway Scoop.

Yes, Sundays are a day to do a little snooping around the blogosphere to indulge in just a wee tad bit of celebrity watching. I say a little amusement is ok - even if it’s at the expense of a celebrity. After all, they are in the entertainment business, eh?

So first stop was Manolo’s Shoe Blog where he points to this article on three times makes it a trend. I’ve always associated red heels with hookers, so it’s going to take some time to get used to this…

Next stop: Perez Hilton. Oh, yes, I know, as much as I say we shouldn’t get too caught up in celebrity lives, I just had to go there…On a lighter note (no pun intended), here’s a post with some positive vibes…Cameron Diaz’s hair does look very cute. Justin Timberlake, eat your heart out ;)

For more intellectual talk about celebrities, check out Back in Skinny Jeans and Stephanie's thoughts on Time Magazine's "Time 100" list.

Well, that’s it for this edition of celebrity watching…back to real life!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Beauty Tips For the Summer Traveler

With summer fast approaching, I’m sure many of you are gearing up for travel to far away places - and I’m no exception! Next month I head to Chicago, so I’ll be posting all my adventures into boutiques in the Windy City…then in August I’ll be on a cruise into either the Caribbean or Mexico - haven’t decided yet ;)

Well, if you’re the woman who is constantly on the go, here are ten beauty secrets of a traveling woman that I came across over at Tips, Tricks, Tweaks - a website full of all kinds of health, fashion and beauty tips…plus everything else to help you get through life ;)

My favorite tip stated in the article is #10:

Have a Great Attitude. We all know people who are attractive and we know people who we think are beautiful. Most of the beautiful people have an inner beauty that separates them from the rest. Keep a good attitude. Life is short so make it beautiful.

It really is all about attitude. If you are smiling, happy and enjoying life to the fullest, it makes you glow…That inner light is shining! You can also apply this good attitude towards how you present yourself in the way you dress. When you’re confident and just feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, people take notice!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Summer Look: Bold and Whimsical

Well, summer is fast approaching and it’s definitely time to break out the fun summer dresses! Ok, so you don’t have any fun dresses…Well, girlfriend, it’s time to go shopping ;)

Here’s a look I put together over at ShopStyle.. If you’re a flower girl like me, you’ll have fun in this Anna Sui dress that she designed for Anthropologie. Black and white with some bold colors is sure to turn some heads ;) The red ring and necklace give the look some added flavoring while the shoes and purse complete the outfit. Can you just picture yourself out and about with this whimsical ensemble?

Want to create your own look over at ShopStyle? They've partnered with Coutorture to bring us this fun contest! Your look just might win you a shopping spree in the Set the Trend 2007 contest!


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

7 Beauty and Fashion Deals Under $70

There’s nothing more exciting for me than to go bargain hunting! I understand how it is to be on a budget but still want to look glamorous, so I went on the hunt for 7 deals under $70.…(Click on the images to buy!)

This butterfly-sleeved dress is pretty and accents that cleavage for a little bit of a sexy look. Available at for only $44.99

And who doesn’t need new black pumps? Check out these sassy peep-toe pumps available at for only $49.99

Belts are all the rage this spring and these patent woven belts will accent those curvy hips! You go, girl ;) Available at Alloy for $14.50

For all those summer days under the sun, this Guess straw bucket hat will definitely come in handy. Available at for $28.00

Steve Madden - Erica (Bronze) - Women's
This Steve Madden wedged espadrille is the perfect shoe to wear with every summer dress! Available at for $63.95

Well, we can always find a great bargain on makeup at e.l.f.! This 9 piece brush set includes a Total Face Brush, Blushing/Bronzing/Blending Brush, Foundation Brush, Defining Eye Brush, Blending Eye Brush, Smudge Eye Sponge, Eyelash/Brow Wand, Brow Comb/Brush and Lip Defining Brush. Only $15

For those fun nights on the town, why not give your body some glow with Curious by Britney Spears Body Shimmer? Available at for $30

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Fashion Blogtipping!

It’s the first of the month…and that means Blogtipping day! I’ve never blogtipped here at Beauty is Within, so if you’re not familiar with the concept, you can read more about it over at BusinessBlogWire.

I have randomly chosen three blogs from my blogroll. Let the fun begin!

First stop is Busy With Style
  • I love pictures and this blog has plenty of them
  • If you really want to know all about spring style, Ivy breaks it down for you!
  • I also like that there are options available to subscribe to the blog
Tip: I love all the commentary…Please post more often!

Second stop: Fashion Inc
  • I love the design layout and colors of the blog
  • Information is easy to find because of the “Categories” section
Tip: I’d like to see a picture of the fashionista on the “About” page. Show that beautiful face, chica!
Highheels, Coolness

Last stop: Styleology 101
  • That header is to die for! Awesome graphics and very professional looking…
  • Fashion resources in the sidebar are great!
Tip: Add an RSS feed button so we can easily subscribe to the blog!

Well, hopefully you discovered some new and fun fashion blogs! Thanks for reading ;) If you have any tips or suggestions for this blog, feel free to leave a comment…